First Z10 Owner Hey, welcome to the new blog for the BlackBerry Photography Channel. Let me begin by giving you all some brief history about this fun channel.

One day I decided to pick up a Z10, (I was the first to pick one up on the launch day at T-mobile, I was also interviewd by CB) naturally I couldn’t wait to see what it was all about. Being a PlayBook owner made me even more excited to see the QNX OS in the form of BB10. The camera was so good I had to show the world one click at a time, and since I hated how some of those “so called tech blogs” were spreading misleading information without basis, I decided to start a BBM channel showing how good the cameras on BlackBerry devices can be while sharing my photography at the same time. I’m no pro but I love photography and I hope this is reflected here. BlackBerry Channels was launched in the perfect timing for me to start this mission. I started capturing photos with my devices and posting. Subscribers started sending me photos they also took with BlackBerrys and I posted those as well. In very little time it was like a community. I remember adding my channel pin to pretty much all of my social sites, so much fun. Today the BlackBerry Photography Channel has over 150,000 subscribers and over 1,000,000 views.

I thank my subscribers for such tremendous submissions and for sticking with BlackBerry in a time when they needed support #TeamBlackBerry. I hope you all enjoy the photographs here, just scroll through and see some of the world through the lens of many BlackBerry’s. And remember to join this BBM channel for more fascinating shots. C00016D81.

Here is how to get started – http://blck.by/1ul2pqU



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