Pixels Of Autumn

One of my favorite times of the year is Autumn. For me it’s nature’s color festival, a time of bliss for shutter bugs who are nature lovers. We know the scientific processes behind their brilliant coloration yet we don’t know why these specific colors are revealed during this brief temperate season. I mean, they could have all been equipped like evergreens yet they aren’t. So many colors fade in and out in a blur, ‘just cause’. What was God’s reason for choosing those particular colors I couldn’t tell ya, what I do know is that they are beautiful and I love and enjoy them, and that’s just one of the reasons why I love autumn.


Like the pixels in our digital displays, it takes billions of these individuals to paint the landscapes.


Browns, oranges, mauve’s, yellows, reds, burgendy’s.

IMG_bigger bunch

Step back to see the bigger picture (as with many other things in life).


The big picture.

Photos were captured with BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Z30.



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