Tank Tiger

Here are a few shots of my 2 yr old tiger oscar (Astronotus Ocellatus). A fiesty creature who loves to eat and defend his turf against the others in the tank. I have always loved oscars and other fishes ever since I was a kid, they are perfectly graceful in their element and they always fascinate me. They just hover around in their liquid zone, like birds riding thermals.

Tiger is sorta camera shy so naturally I had to convince him with one of his favorite things, food. Good thing the BlackBerry Passport has really good shutter speed. And believe it or not I noticed that fish are really smart and seem to have excellent memory.Tiger along with the others will generally become a tad more active whenever someone pass by the tank, but will retreat when they realize that no food is involved, however; when the tank base is opened it’s like they are ready to jump out. They remember exactly what actions near the tank mean food for them. I think it’s quite remarkable.




See him briefly in action here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojXMaVkLVnc


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