I could say it’s my favorite type of photography. Tiny things amaze me and I’m always curious to get a closer look at things too micro for the average eye to notice. One of my favorites is droplets. Tiny glass orbs lingering on leaves or petals are great subjects. Tiny critters are also some subjects that peak my interest. They are fascinating, they hold secrets that you have to get close enough to see and when you do, you see how beautiful and masterfully created they are. Here are a few examples captured with a few BlackBerry devices (plus macro lens).


Here is a set from a BlackBerry PlayBook.


IMG_00001063 IMG_00000946 IMG_00001090








Here is a set from a BlackBerry Z30


IMG_20140617_124959_001_edit wildtinyThe Crystal Droplets










These here are a set from Le Ngoc Tu out in Vietnam using a BlackBerry Q10.


IMG_20141115_111829 IMG_20141115_111340





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