Naturally Spectacular

I remember climbing a tree for the first time, I think I was about seven. What stuck with me was my hearts reaction when I first looked down, kinda felt like a ‘lil’ thump and some speed boosts. Thankfully that was a natural reaction and I didn’t develop a phobia for heights. I’m glad I didn’t because I would have missed a lot, instead several years later I learned to appreciate the natural spectacular views. Each time I stood at a summit or high point with a panoramic view, I’ve had the same reaction just about all the time. It’s the feeling when words can’t be formulated well enough to describe what you are seeing and the camera just can’t capture it the way it looks through your eyes. When you’re standing at a summit, high elevation engulfed in crisp mountain air so thin your ears pop, and you withstand it because to have seen it is worthwhile. There are so many times in life when we just have stop and stare in awe, whether we say wow, bello, bagus or keren and many others, some can agree that spectacular views demand a moment of pause. And although there is nothing that beats the real deal, these photos can at least prepare our imaginations.



BC, Canada – Z10 – Photo by 920bdc



Lake Moraine, Banff National Park – Z30 – Photo by Spinsqn


Sagada, Mountain Province (Philippines) – Z10 – Photo by Khristina







Squamish, BC – Z10 – Photo by Viper



View from Sperlonga, a town between Roma and Napoli – Z30 – Photo by Ugo



30,000 feet over Italy – Z10 – Photo by Juan


Norquin Provincia de Neuquen, Argentina – BlackBerry 9320 – Photo by Oalme


Shimla, India – Z10 – Photo by Harshildoshi







Desert mountains view, Tuscon AZ – Z10 – Photo by 920bdc


IMG_20141102_091315_hdr (1)

View of Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad – Z30 – Photo by Brandon



Lan Ha Bay – Cat Ba Island, Vietnam – Photo by Richard


Mount Fuji, Japan – Z30 – Photo by Axel





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