Mountain Life

It’s a magical feeling to wake up to the freshest air possible, and where can you do so, somewhere in a mountain some place in the world. The panoramic views of the lower places are always breathtaking, for me especially at dusk and dawn. From some mountains, waking to the beach is beautiful, especially the ones where the river flows directly into the sea, it makes everything just perfect. It was at a place like this where I caught my first fish (released him) and was the one of the best times of my life. It was where I fell in love with nature. Everything was fascinating, the only difference is back then I didn’t own a camera neither did I care for one (although now I wish I did). Seeing these photos brought some of those memories streaming back, like it was yesterday. Have a look at some villages cloaked by mountains around the world.


IMG_00000190_hdr_edit timothy eagle river

“Here is a picture taken of the mountains in Eagle River, Alaska” – Tim – Q10




“Picture taken with a Z30 in Bogotá Colombia.” – Francisco


South Africa

IMG_20140422_121021_edit wilma

“View from Boyes Drive, Cape Town, South Africa. Photo taken with my Z10.” – Wilma




“Switzerland. By Q10” – Albahri




“I am from Việt Nam. This photo I taken at Phong Nha Kebang after rain using my Z10.” – Nicky



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