With Love From Nam

How can such a lovely place in the world be marred by such ugly memories? This is a question that have crossed my mind many times concerning this country and other places alike. It’s easy to see why though, it’s an absolutely beautiful place, from its mountainous ranges to its inner cities. And some know how powerful people love to fight for beautiful places that don’t belong to them (personal view), and despite what those who write our history books explained some know it isn’t always 100 percent accurate (also personal view). Vietnam occupies the eastern and southern part of the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia, with the South China Sea along its entire coast. China is to the north and both Laos and Cambodia are to the west. Long and narrow on a north-south axis, Vietnam is roughly twice the size of Arizona. As mythology has it, the first ruler of Vietnam was Hung Vuong. He founded the nation around 2879 B.C. China is said to have ruled the nation when it was known as Nam Viet , a vassal state from 111 B.C. until the 15th century, the era of nationalistic expansion, when Cambodians were pushed out of the southern area of what is now Vietnam. Here are a few photos of today’s Nam submitted by subscribers.



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