It is truly an art to illustrate beauty with the absence of color. Color is beautiful and in some instances necessary, but this time around the lack of it takes the shine. B&W presents undeniable beauty in photographs, and while in some cases, colored tints can add some pop the show still belongs to B&W. This type of photography isn’t suitable in every instance at least in my findings, but with the right subjects color isn’t even an afterthought. Software can also be a factor affecting the outcome of the final result. The software I have been testing thus far is called Mono Art. And although the BlackBerry 10 OS(operating system) has a built-in B&W filter, I recommend this one because quite a few more options and features are packaged within allowing for more tailored results. Have a look at some of the test results.


BlackBerry Z30


BlackBerry Passport


BlackBerry PlayBook







BlackBerry Passport

34th Street

BlackBerry Z30


BlackBerry Passport




BlackBerry Z30


BlackBerry Passport


BlackBerry Z10



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