Flowers are creations of beauty; colorful, tasteful, fragrant beauty. Flowers grow in every corner of the world and are quite numerous in species. Earlier estimates list the number of flowering plants between 223,000 and 422,000. Later analysis by scientists from Kew generated a new estimate of around 352,000 in a paper published in 2008. However, many flowering plant groups have yet to be classified which could mean that the true number is likely to be just over 400,000 and while new species continue to be discovered, others are under threat of extinction. We have found many uses for them, including medicinal which is fascinating as they are generally used for decorating and gifting. Despite my love for science, I disagree with many aspects of theory presented by many scientists. Flowers like all other living things, were created and was not the result of some ‘smart mother brain’ big bang evolution. Their exquisite fragrances and intricacies just scream intelligent design. And despite the argument that flowers weren’t made for our pleasure, I believe that the profit of the earth is for all to enjoy and flowers are no exception. This may explain why we are so fond of them, and why they are used as symbols of love, sympathy or best wishes. Have a look at some of these beauties, keeping in mind that this collection represents a mere fraction of the flower species! Enjoy.




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