South Africa

I’m no expert nor geographer, but as far I have seen this coastal part of Africa sport lush mountain ranges, beautiful beaches, and one of the world’s top cricket teams. There are also tons of wild life, some which you won’t find on any other continent.

South Africa is situated at Africa’s southern tip and has roughly 2,798 km of coastline on the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. It borders Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Swaziland. It’s also very interesting how Lesotho (the country) is completely surrounded by South Africa.

South Africa has diverse cultures and languages with eleven officially recognized languages in the constitution, some pretty impressive stuff. Have a look at a few photos submitted by subscribers.


Vineyard in Franschoek

Vineyard Franschoek

Vineyard, Franschoek, South Africa. Captured with my BlackBerry Z10. Wilma


Hout Bay

Hout Bay

This is Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Taken with a Z10. Andrea



Coastal Town in Western Cape

Coastal Town in Western Cape, Simonstown with a view of the harbour. Captured with my Z10. Wilma


Blue Peter

Blue Peter

Blue Peter Cape Town South-Africa. Johan


Cape Town

Cape Town CBD

Cape Town CBD BlackBerry Z10 Snaps. Samantha


Du Toit’s Kloof Pass

Du Toit's Kloof Pass

Instead of going through the tunnel to get to Cape Town, ‎the more scenic route is definitely Du Toit’s Kloof Pass. Captured with BlackBerry Z10. Wilma


Cape Town

Streets in Cape Town

Inner city streets in Cape Town. Wilma


Tokai Forest

Tokai Forest, Cape Town, South Africa

Tokai Forest, Cape Town, South Africa. Wilma


Drakestein ‎Lion Park

Drakestein ‎Lion Park

Drakestein ‎Lion Park near Cape Town in South Africa. Picture taken with BlackBerry Z10. Ndiphiwe


Stop on over at BPC to see more – C00016D81


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