His Canvas

The skies have always been a thing of wonder, mystery forever looms in what I like to refer to as the biggest canvas ever. And who else can paint it but the Creator Himself. There have been sky writers that have put on admirable shows but none have come close to natural and elaborate displays portrayed by the Almighty. Here are a few of last years beautiful shots sent in from subscribers.


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

David – Z30



Riau Indonésia – Z10 – Adi Setianto



Q10 – Marek



Jogjakarta‎ Indonesia – Z10 – Yus Kristiono


Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, India – Z10 – Anooppvnair



Kota Kinabalu – Z10 – Munira



Magallanes Agusan, Del Norte – 9320 – Tine


3 responses to “His Canvas

  1. Pictures define the visual moments of glory and classifies sighting directions and control to make decision and best definite intent.


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