January’s Best

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Hey guys, January is almost over already can you believe it! You no longer need to toss a clock out of a window to see time fly! 2015 started with a bang and we are well into it already. The Christmas holiday and excitement of new years has worn off and it’s business as usual once again. I really want to thank the subscribers for sharing their work with BPC, especially now since I haven’t really gotten time to get clicking. Anyways, here are a few of the best ones for the new year thus far, enjoy!


3 responses to “January’s Best

  1. Sorry cannot believe that a passport takes such great pictures. My passport will not focus. Pictures are always blurry and tinted. I think it is a shame that I have to correct all the pictures that I take. Cannot use flash because it overexposed the subject no matter what distance and no matter what type of scene. I am soooo disappointed. The torch was a million times better.


    • Sorry that your experiences haven’t been as pleasant and rewarding as ours however I can offer you some tips. Make sure your lens are clean from finger smudges, and you can tap and hold the focus area for a few seconds for focus lock. If none of those work you probably have a bad unit and should look into getting a replacement.


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