Winter’s Gifts

Winter has come and is now almost over. In the aftermath of her glorious snow shows, she leaves behind gentle coverings (or what once was) of white fluff along with frigid temperatures and lots of mixed emotion about it. While we choose to focus on the beauty of it, it’s impossible to ignore the burden it has been to some others. We at BPC in particular have mixed feelings about it as we have experienced both ends of her spectrum, that is both her beauty and horror likewise. With that said, we can sympathize with those who have felt nothing but the very bitter face of winter, so for you guys or those who didn’t get snow at all this winter, maybe here you can enjoy a view of her beautiful side where in some areas her gentle gifts aren’t burdensome and remain undisturbed. These photos were captured using the fantastic BlackBerry Passport smartphone.


IMG_20150218_174046 IMG_20150219_165835






IMG_20150218_174126 IMG_20150202_143744






IMG_20150202_122356 IMG_20150219_170218




Be sure to check out the B.P.C channel through BBM – C00016D81


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