Secret Iran

Growing up, the only photos or video footage I remember seeing portraying the middle east in general was usually a desert war arena (I admit I never really researched this place, so never saw these parts). Lately,  some very beautiful photos out of this region submitted by members of BPC changed the my outlook on these places and now I see it from a new perspective. I guess the news and media didn’t think it was necessary to show the beautiful sides of these places, luckily our BPC member Afsaneh Taheri had a BlackBerry Z10 on hand and shared a few photos with us. Anyway take a look for yourself and let us at BPC know if you have ever seen these parts of Iran (Persia). Also, other members who reside in that region have been sharing cool facts about Iran over on the BBM Channel, if you’re interested head on over and check it out. BPC – C00016D81


IMG_20150217_074013_edit_edit IMG_20150223_073906_edit





IMG_20150217_072204_edit1 IMG_20150223_073845_edit





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