Bridge Clicks

Greetings friends, bringing you some BlackBerry action once again this time with some help from Aviary for some extra effects. For the past month traveling over great distances has been the norm, from four to eighteen hour drives. Here are some Clicks from some bridges I will not name since I recently learned that taking photos of or on bridges isn’t legal ( don’t get why, but hey that’s just an opinion) or something like that.


City Slicker

This early morning run in Jersey presented this gift which BPC gladly accepted, we love gifts! A BlackBerry Passport was at hand and produced this result from the fast moving vehicle, just exiting a bridge.




The fog experience on this particular morning was surreal. It was thick and smoke like in appearance as it lingered around and crawled through the traffic, you could literally capture a jarful. This disappearing illusion was really a treat that could not be passed up, and with the BlackBerry Passport on hand things were right on.



Evening Comfort

After many, many hours of sitting in traffic, this view made it forgettable. This click merely illustrates the true beauty that blessed the eyes. Despite the may squished insects decorating the windshield, a BlackBerry Z30 accepted the challenge and encapsulated this moment that will live on.

Evening Comfort


Distant City

Another not so easy click handled pretty well by the BlackBerry Passport from a fast moving vehicle. This one was clicked mid beam while travelling well over lets say 50mph. What caught the eye here was the distinct outline of the distant city, pretty much like a photo bomber.

Distant City


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