This blog is an extension of the BlackBerry Photography Channel. The  channel was started  mainly because of a fondness for two things:  Photography and BlackBerry devices. I started this channel as a fun little hobby and the way it stands now is  quite exciting. I remember the first email I received asking permission to share a photo. It felt natural so I agreed, it was fun. Soon after my mailbox became very active with daily submissions, first a few then five, then seven and so on and so fourth. Only the best of the bunch gets posted and for good reason. The  channel quickly grew to  154,000 subscribers with over 1.2 million views. These photos are not  classed as professional mainly because they captured strictly with  BlackBerry mobile devices.  To learn more about BBM Channels, go  here http://blck.by/1ul2pqU. Join the BlackBerry  Photography Channel  to see more fun and cool places around the world – C00016D8

1415929213339_787234IMG_20140907_054932_editIMG_00000225IMG_20141025_182138IMG_20141105_164810_editNight CityThe Crystal DropletsIMG_Q10IMG_20141024_182920IMG_20141018_103316_edit

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